Matron Laylee

Attractive and Commanding.


Laylee did not start as a Matron of a House or even a noble. She has worked hard for over forty years for her position as Matron Mother of the 1st House. She is known not to be completely evil, yet she makes her allotted sacrifices to Lloth and her house has come under Lloth’s favor on more than one occasion. Laylee is also known for her ‘fair’ treatment of the men in her house and is always actively attracting stragglers from other houses including nobles on occasions.

She is not merciful to those who betray her. She is known to chain traitors to a cross in the middle of the compound and summon small spiders to eat at them for days until they final die from poisoning.


Matron Mother of 1st House. Fights with two magic swords.

Matron Laylee

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