Character Creation

Character Creation:

The are four abilities in the game.

STR: strength and health
DEX: dexterity and quickness
INT: Intellect
WIL: willpower and charisma

The characters start with a 5, 6, 7, 8 for their abilities.

The character will then pick nine skills observing the skill rules.

All character start with:
Enhanced Senses 3 (Darkvision, enhanced sight & hearing)
Resistance to Magic 5
Resistance to Poison 3

The character must choice from a magical background (priestess or wizard) or skilled background (fighter or scout).

A PC with a skilled background raises three of their skills to level 3.

A PC with a magical background chooses three spells at level 5.

All PC start with an edge 1 (3) which will be explained in game play.

The PC must pick a calling which best fits his characters motives and personality.

Take you armor, weapons, items and expendables from the linked PCs according to the class you choice.

Fighter: 2 weapon
Fighter: weapon and shield

And like magic you are done!


Character Creation

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