A character is allowed to have more then four skills (A+) in a stat if they X another stat. This can been done twice with too stats A+ and two stats X.

All beginning characters start with nine skills to choice from.

Beginning characters with a skilled background begin with three skills at level 3.

Skilled Characters may forfeit all their three skills to start as a Master in one skill which allows an any played card to be treated as the preferred suit (allows allowing an extra card on every play of the skill) . Mastery can only be chosen in character creation.

New skills can be created in game play with DM approval.

Strength Skills:
Axes, Brawling, Climbing, Clubs, Daggers, Garrotes, Hammers, Natural Weapons, Parry/Block, Shields, Spears, Swords, Two weapon Fighter, Whips, Wrestling

Agility Skills:
Acrobatics, Aerial Combat, Archery, Artillery, Boomerangs, Darts, Disguise, Dodge, Equestrian, Escape Artist, Looting, Sleight of Hand, Slings, Thievery

Intellect Skills:
Alchemy, Architecture, Assessment, Astronomy, Craft (type), Law, Linguistics, Local Knowledge (city), Geography, History, Medicine, Nature Lore, Occult, Planes, Religion, Underdark Knowledge

Willpower Skills:
Animal Handling, Art (type), Finance, Gambling, Gather Information, Intimidation, Leadership, Manipulation, Military, Observation, Performing, Politics, Survival, Taunting, Torture, Tracking, Writing

Skills have levels as well. All skills start at 1st level and give a + 1 bonus. A skill can be as high as 6th level with a + 6 bonus. ( + 1 per level)

Skill dynamics will be explained in game play.



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