Menzoberranzan: The City that Never Sleeps

“There is a world beneath the world humans know … a vastly dark and lawless land just below there feet. "


Menzoberranzan is home for over 50,000 residents – mostly drow. Those who are not drow are mostly slaves (or soon to be). The city is made up of over 60+ ruling houses each with its ruling Matron Mother and personal army which serves her. Drow society is absolutely matriarchal under the religion of the insane Spider Queen Lloth (drow goddess) who rules two levels of the Abyss and visits the city from time to time.

The inhabitants of Menzoberranzan are most often chaotic evil (being drow and all) but many drow can be chaotic neutral or various other non good alignments. The Matron Mother Laylee of the House Alurvelve is chaotic neutral and is still feared for her unpredictable nature and vengefulness against those who betray her.


The old leadership in the great city of Menzoberranzan has just been uprooted and destroyed as the Matron of House Alurvelve vanquished the three most powerful houses and took the throne for herself with the use of an artifact which could control reality. The first house was destroyed by a swarm of celestial warriors and Matron Laylee forced the second and third house to unwillingly fight each other to the last man.

The PCs are bloodline and members of House Alurvelve. The PCs are students at the drow academy and share a common dorm for safety. They have recently moved from 33rd to 1st rank status which has caused much resentment and envy from the other houses and students. Dangerous times indeed!

The players make pick from the available PCs or create their own character.


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Menzoberranzan: The City that Never Sleeps

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